Finding gaming buddies has never been easier

Findise is a new tool used for finding a squad, team, or group of players for a specific game. We’ll setup a Discord server for invite you to it. It’s fast and we think you’ll love it. To get started, just click the button above and you’ll immediately be put in a server with other Discord gamers.

Short-Term Gaming Goals

You can use this server to accomplish a goal quickly and with ease. Let’s say you need two other players to complete a mission or work on a bounty. Findise will allow you to reach these players immediately. Everything is easier with a team, and it’s usually a lot more fun as well!

Long-Term Friends

You don’t have to just leave the server when you’re finished with your task. Maybe you have other similar tasks that you’d like to do with the people you’re matched up with? If things are going well, just simply stay on the server. Continue doing activities together. This is how strong connections are formed, and we love it when friends find each other through Findise